The purpose of the Boy Scouts of America, incorporated on February 8, 1910, and chartered by Congress in 1916, is to provide an educational program for boys and young adults to build character, to train in the responsibilities of active citizenship and to develop personal fitness. To do this we have our year round program, which consists of:

Troop Meeting on Wednesday evenings at St John Fisher Chapel

We meet weekly throughout the year, younger scouts work on scout skills, and everyone coordinates upcoming events, plans camp outs and has fun. We have "program" where a different patrol gives an informative, instructional and fun presentation on a wide variety of subjects in any format/style they are comfortable with. If we have enough time we will play a scout led game which is a fun way to wind down after the meeting.

Summer Camp

All scouts are encouraged to go on our week long summer camp.  These are mostly held in Michigan and everyone works on elective merit badges and younger scouts also work on scout skills and advancement. There is enough extra bonus activities to keep everyone busy. Whatever the Michigan weather - everyone has fun.

Other Activities

The Scouts is a service organisation so throughout the year there are multiple other opportunities to serve in community activities, scout projects and fund raising.

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